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i cant keep it on a set voice, it changes each time, how do i fix that

heya! same bunni on the server support threads right? just to make sure we are helping you out already ♥

Hi! I have been having problems with this program! It keeps messing with my audio where when it is used, instead of me hearing the text to speech, I'll hear either the game blaring into my ear or the say music blaring into my ear. How do I fix this?

heya! I think i saw your thread earlier on our discord. Please send me the stuff I ask ya there and we can try to fix it together. It does sound quite weird indeed! Never heard of anyone having a similar issue thats for sure

Hi, I've been having trouble with VTS P.O.G. not announcing sub events like gifts or the tts that should go off when someone resubs with a message on twitch. Everything is connected. I've disconnected and reconnected from twitch on the app and saved and it just isn't working. 

heya! thats so weird! Given what your describe, it will be best if you come over to our discord server and make a thread on support there. When doing so please screen record and share a video showing your twitch configs on vtspog and describe the issue in detail and I will try to help ya as best as I can (my answer may be delayed though, not fully on the PC today I'm afraid)

Hello, I want to know if there is any way to translate the program interface

Heya! Not atm, its in my never ending to do list as something i want to eventually get down to but not atm im afraid

will this connect to kick and tiktok studio in the future??

heya! tittok is in the works! I need to find the time to test it out properly myself before finding testers for it. Kick we are waiting for official API support which is still not out D: so that one will depend on kick mostly, but when they do we will try to add it too!

awesome! im so glad to hear!!! thanks so much for the awesome app 😁


I've been wondering if you have any plans on switching the chatgpt to the newest GPT-4o version?

heya! If I find that nothing breaks with it, I will add hopefully for next version an option to select between 3.5, 4 and 4o. It will depends on how well it behaves with what we already have. If it gives us trouble may take longer but is a "yes" in the longrun for sure

Hello! Sorry to bother, but I've been having a problem with my mascot not responding to chatters using my GPT AI redeem. It will work at for a while, but after some time without activity it will start ignoring them and I have to manually go in and chat to my mascot (it starts working again when I do it manually). No banned words are being said so I'm not sure what is causing it. I've been having this issue with the past two versions so far. Tried reverting to the old stable version as well but that didn't fix it either D:

heya! thats super weird indeed. I will ask ya if you can come over to our discord server (link in vtspog itself) and make a thread on the support channel so I can ask you there for more details/screenshots/screen records of the issue so we can figure it out. Feel free to ping me when you do and put a "hey i'm fusushi from itchio" so I know it comes from this. Hopefully we can figure it out together~

Hi there, how would I go about updating the program? (If there's a video you could point me to I'd appreciate that too)


heya! we should probably do a video cause I know quite a few people are having issues figuring that one, sorry for that. You need to check on the top of the screen you should see a download button, just need to download the new version from there. Configurations carry over so you are covered there~

I eventually got it figured out, but thank you for the help!! For some reason when I copied the zip file to the folder, it wasn't replacing the old version, but it's all fixed and working now!!

so weird! glad to know its working now though ♥♥♥

Hello everyone, new user with a dumb question. Is there now or will there ever be support for Kick streaming?

heya~ we are waiting for kick official api support D: they promised it was coming but its been MONTHS. The moment they add it we will connect to it, be sure about that~

Thank you! You good people have done some amazing work and I'm looking forward to what you guys have planned next. 

Have a good day, and again THANK YOU!

Hello, I've been using vts pog on my twitch in conjunction with vtube studio and i noticed that after a few hours of inactivity, the program just does not respond when my redeem is used. it will even say there's an error or that it is sold out even though i only have a 5 second cooldown set up for it. However, when i do the audio test from vts pog, it still works as normal. I'm not sure how to fix this. please help.

heya! some people have reported this lately and after some tests it seems the current test build (coming out hopefully monday) should fix it. Feel free to dm me on discord and i can send ya the early build (link to the discord server on vtspog itself) or wait till monday and hopefully that version should fix it. If not, we can check it together and see how to fix it. Sorry for the trouble!

Hi! i wanted to know if there was a way to change the elevenlabs model from english to multilingual v2? 

due to a mistake on my part not in this version but yes in the next one, come over to our discord server and dm me and i can send ya the test build to run that. Sorry for the trouble!

Is there gunna be more updates and additions to this?

heya! yes! some small qol and bug fixing update coming soon with a few minor additions, and slowly working on a biffier update for the next couple of months. I'm always open for suggestions for new features ♥  As long as people continue to buy the program (or enough people in the patreon to pay bills) development on the program will continue

thank you!

I dunno if ive just missed it or not, but as with the chatgpt having the option to have the pet read out the message before responding is it at all possible to have the pet say something like " 'viewer' typed/said" then read the following message so its possible to know who triggered the tts without having to look at the chat.

additionally is there any option to change what the pet says in response to raids and subscription?

heya! you want to basically enable these two in that gpt tab to have both the og message and the name read out loud by the pet

also not possible atm to edit the raid and first time subs , but its something we DEFINETLY need to add

Hi there! I set everything up in VTube Studio with the parameters, but the mouth won't open when I do the TTS test. It opens if I use camera tracking, but doesn't move when using VoiceFrequency2/VoiceVolume2. I tried switching them between the two mouth parameters, but one makes the mouth stay shut, and the other makes it to where it only stays open. Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

pretty sure we are already talking on the vtspog discord server, in case its a nickname coincidence do come by there and we will give ya a hand ♥

Is there a way to make it smaller, currently is taken up my full screen and cant get to the things are the bottom of it 

if you hover the mouse to the edges you should be able to resize the window. If that is not enough come over to our discord server, link in the icthio page, and we will see what we can do

is there a way to connect this with my veadotube mini

heya! atm not by default, but you can connect it by sending the vtspog output audio as the microphone input for veadotube mini~ 
Here in our docs we explain how to send vtspog output through a virtual audio cable

And with that set up you basically need to select your virtual audio cable as the input for veadotube mini~

Hey there, I was just wondering if there is a way to just have the TTS respond without reading the chat message?

heya! yes! make sure this two are disable and it will just answer without reading the users message

Thank you so much! <3

Hello, there is an error in (vts-pog the filters (Dont read emojis, Dont read links) are not activated when you mark them active, continue reading the emotes and links

heya! i cant seem to replicate this issue you mention. If you come over our discord server I would apreciate if you can share a video showing the issue so i can hopefully replicate it myself and fix it. Please make a support thread there so its easier to check and hopefully solve

Hi! Is there any possibility of this working on Linux? Not natively is good too, I'm using through Wine regularly. 

heya! I have zero experience with linux tbh apart from some server stuff and not way to test it myself. If you hit me in dms in twitter i can send ya a key and you can  let me know how it goes. If it works i would apreciate a guide or step by step of sorts to guide other users in case they wanna run it too, thats the only condition~ 

Deleted 175 days ago

heya! Tenemos algunas voces en español en algunos de los sistemas de tts que tenemos pero no son TANTAS comparado a ingles.  El tema de español (bah, cualquier lenguaje que no es ingles ) es que pocos desarrollan voces que no sean en ingles :c asi que haber hay, pero la mayor variedad la encontraras en ingles.

Pero si, se banca español

I think there is a problem with the domain to be able to connect to Twitch since it sends me to another page and I cannot connect

heya! sorry for the trouble! issue should be solved now though due to browser cache issues it may still show as an error until you restart your browser. Try opening the link into an incognito window and it should work correctly (or restart browser/pc). Sorry for the trouble!

thank you very much it already worked

Is there a way to isolate the TTS noise from every other audio source?!

Already answered on discord, but leaving the link here in case someone else has the same question

hello! i have a question even do i think is not possible but is not bad asking, if someone sends a message will the bot be able to read the name of the person and then say what the message of that user said

heya! not by default, we have the ability to include that on the message on the ai responses to differentiate the user message from the ais... wouldn't be impossible to add in the future given is half there atm 🤔

though if you need it/want it now, come over to our discord server and I can guide you how to set that up with mixitup or streamer bot, it would be possible by combining either of those programs with vtspog if you already use either fo them~

I'm really interested in the plugin. I wonder , is it possible to use it for 2 different model.

For exemple one reading chat and another one using chat gpt ?

heya! yeah, we added support to multipet this last update to do exactly that. So you can have one model/png do only ai and another one only tts and soundboard~ I use that setup myself, so that one can stay as a chat surrogate while the other becomes the mean evil ai dissing them and being a meanie (or helpful, but meanie is funnier)

hey is there a listen to mic feature planned?

yes! in the works ♥

Not sure if there's currently any way to do this or if I can leave this idea here as a potential future suggestion:  I'd love for there to be a way for my cat pet model to automatically trigger like... the little heart toggle it has briefly when people subscribe/etc on Twitch or send a TTS message.  Not necessarily AI related, just a thing it does based on something that happens in chat.  I'm not sure if that's a thing that's possible at all with this now or in the future.  Just a little extra thing I thought of, otherwise I love this so much and great job!


heya! it can trigger hotkeys on vtubestudio whenever tts starts/stops, so its possible. Not much control atm for only subs or bits in particular but its something i eventually want to expand when i have the chance

Oh that's really nice!  I must've missed that option.  Thank you so much!

Its possible to change the language from the bots, like the English for Portuguese?

heya! we support voices in quite a few languages, so there's a few options for Portuguese in amazon polly and streamelements tts options. If its the ai you ask, you can put Portuguese text directly in the ai pet personality and as long as you send it messages in Portuguese it will answer in Portuguese ~

Hi! Is there a way to make it integrate with streamelements to read/interact with donations too? 

heya! not natively atm, but you can do so by integrating it with either streamerbot or mixitup, which are program that can capture those events and send request to vtspog locally. Here we go in this link on how to set it up for twitch channel points using mixitup, but you can do about the same using the streamelements events in mixitup too.

Wil try to eventually make a tutorial about that in particular too

If its not clear enough with this, feel free to come to our discord server and i will try to go further in depth explaining this

Thank you!

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Hi there, I'm having an issue with the Soundboard feature. I have a channel point redeem for the soundboard, but redeeming the points to test it doesn't trigger anything. Using the chat command works, but the redeem doesn't. I was wondering if I missed something in setup, or if I have to be live for that to work?
Edit: I double-checked to make sure the redeem matched the name in the application, so it's not that!

heya! make sure to enable text input in the redeem giving it allows the redeemer to put a keyword for a specific sound if set. Most likely the issue is that~

That fixed it, thank you so much!

Ok so trying out the latest version (2.0.4) and it doesn't even get the full audio out. Just cuts off the first word. I did reset the permissions and still doesn't help sadly

heya! come over to our server and we will give it a look. Sounds like quite the weird bug! 

In regards to the "random voices" command. It sometimes tries to pick voices I don't have access to (Amazon Polly, TTS Monster, Eleven Labs), and spits out an error message for those services.

Will there be a way to toggle which voices can be used in future updates?


heya! Weird oversight there on my part... will give it a check and try to have it fixed by early next week at most with an auto ignore of those which lack necessary configs 

Is there a way to get a mac version?

heya! its something we want to tackle at some point, but I live in a country where accessing a mac to dev and test with is a bit tricky. Hopefully a 2024 objective if everything aligns ♥

Hi VTS POG team, hoping to find out if there's a console/log that can be used to check for bugs/issues (e.g. timeouts when connecting to twitch chat/gpt)? To give context, I'm having issues with the AI not replying to messages, both through Twitch channel point redeems and through the personality editor, I suspect its the connection to OpenAI/ChatGPT, but because the redeem history is only showing inputs/replies, I can't tell if its VTS Pog not sending the message, or if its the ChatGPT servers timing out. Would greatly appreciate any insight or advice you can give!


heya! we are testing to add that for next release right now. We alerts whenever chatgpt is throwing responses too. We are aware that chagpt seem to be alwayts on fire these days, so coming soon!

Bug report: TTS stops working when given a message with emoji such as 🔎🔍➡️↖️⬅️ or symbols such as 𓂏𓅱𓅥𓅩𓅦𓅹𓅸. Any message with normal English text after this isn't read aloud and it must be restarted. I don't have the program myself so I can't offer additional details.

heya! some of them we are fixing for next release. Some of those are news to me! thank you for the report! will try to have em fixed asap ♥

hello! can idle mouth pet animations interfere with the pet TTS? 

depends on how they are setup. We talking live2d pets here or png or 3d? 


given how vtubestudio handles animation, unless its rigged specifically to support both tracking and animations at the same time my leveraging weights, animations on mouth will not work on top of the vtspog params. Same thing as it happens with normal models with the normal mouth params that come vanilla with vtubestudio.

Its not fully impossible to have iddle animations affecting both, but it will be hard to pulloff for sure by tinkering a lot on the live2d rigging side 

So my bf got me this, and we've been running into a very frequent issue. So I was trying to make it so the AI would be a very mischievous/chaotic character and they often use mischief/mischievous chaos/chaotic in like every single line and we haven't been able to figure out how to stop them from doing it? Like they're working perfectly fine, but when you keep hearing the same word each time they speak it becomes increasingly annoying. We're trying to get her to be very active and "self aware" like we've seen in other streams so she doesn't seem like an AI, but when she repeats the same word over and over and over it not only annoys me, but it annoys my chat. I've tried looking up different methods how to fix it, but haven't really found any. Is there like a certain kinda setting that needs to be done?

heya! have you tried wiping the memory between promp changes? sometimes chatgpt gets repetitive when feeding into itself and no promp changes will save it. In those cases best thing is to wipe their memory so its gets a "brain re roll" and out of that slump basically. The button is in the bottom of the personality options in vtspog. Lets me know how it goes with that ♥

We did try to do a memory wipe and make adjustments to the personality so it wouldn’t repeat, and at first it was fine but then suddenly it started repeating the words again. It’s only those two words as well so that’s where we got confused and when we asked the AI to not use those words as often it made it worse lol. I think it just likes the words haha

yeah... chatgpt sometimes be like that... sadly not much else to do about it atm D: We want to release some tools to help deal with this in the future but we are behind on a few other features we want to release beforehand so it will take a bit longer

Hi there! I'm not sure where to find the answer for this but my tts and custom !mod tts aren't working properly? I noticed that whenever I go to do a test tts on chat it doesn't work and then all the sudden not even the play text w/in VTS POG worked anymore the moment I did a test on chat. =/

I actually I just realized I have v.1.0.1 not the current one if that was the issues? How do I update it w/out purchasing it the program again? ><

heya! while logged in with the account you pruchased vtspog with it should appear on the top here on itcho a button to go to the downloads page and download the new one.

If not, check out the email you bought vtspog with, you should have a link redirecting it to the download page there that should act as your key

Hello! I dont know where to ask about this or find this information but I've been having some issues? I'm using the png version and it works fine up until I use redeem points, if its me then its ok, and if me or my mods use !say is also ok, but whenever one of my viewers redeems it the tts repeats the text twice, is there a way to fix it?

heya! that sounds quite weird indeed, i would ask you to come over to our discord server (link the itchio page) and we will try to give ya a hand. We have a support channel where you can make a thread, explain the issue in detail there and we can troubleshoot it together

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