Version b1.0.8 is out! more hotfixes!

Pog online poggers! New update is out!

We finally managed to fix the Twitch dupes event we were having with a 99.999999% accuracy! We say that cause there's always a user somewhere who manages to prove us wrong.

Some minor bugs were fixed too, but nothing major to report apart from that.

Thank you for the continuous and amazing support, we will continue forward now to work on new stuff without delay!


vts-pog b1.0.8 (old stable).zip 87 MB
Jul 22, 2023

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So i bought P.O.G last year but i not seeing where i can u have to buy each new version??? if so i think that is so not cool

heya! no, vtspog is a one time purchase, you only need to buy it once. Make sure you created this account with the same email you bought vtspog with and you should see a download button up top. If not, track the email and it should have a link directing to the download page with your key. You just need to download the new version, unzip it and delete the old one (configurations carry over).